• Question: Do you like your job and what do like about it?

    Asked by anon-349086 on 9 Mar 2023. This question was also asked by anon-349097, anon-357407.
    • Photo: Liz Barron-Majerik

      Liz Barron-Majerik answered on 9 Mar 2023:

      I love my job, and one of the things I love is that every day I learn something new! Its a bit like I need ‘brain food’. I need to learn something new every day to be happy!

    • Photo: Phil Howell

      Phil Howell answered on 10 Mar 2023:

      Yes, otherwise I’d do something different! The best bit is the variety – yesterday I was sat around the table talking with some really clever people about an exciting new project and I couldn’t write my ideas down fast enough, I was so excited I nearly started to cry!

      But the best bit is when you see some results that answer a question you’ve asked and you realise that all the hard work was worth it and you might be the only person in the world who has that knowledge…..

    • Photo: Sharon Mithoe

      Sharon Mithoe answered on 13 Mar 2023:

      I love what I am doing cause I like to learn new things and my work keeps me on my toes. I also like to meet people from all over the world, learn about their culture and food. Taking all together that makes my job interesting.

    • Photo: Alexandra Milliken

      Alexandra Milliken answered on 28 Mar 2023:

      I do enjoy my job. I get to learn new things everyday, try new experiments and meet new people. I also get to travel to many different places for conferences, so I can present my work.