• Question: how many pollinators are there

    Asked by anon-359361 on 21 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: ilma qonaah

      ilma qonaah answered on 21 Mar 2023:

      Any organisms that help the spread of pollen are considered pollinators. This include insects, birds, other animals like squirels, and even humans. Although insects like bees, butterflies, and moths are some of the most common ones

    • Photo: Rosa Sanchez-Lucas

      Rosa Sanchez-Lucas answered on 28 Mar 2023:

      The pollinators depends of the flower colour, odour and shapes. Some flowers produce nectar, a sweet substance that attracts small insects as butterflies. Bees are attracted by the colours that they can see (http://www.naturfotograf.com/UV_ANGE_SYL.html). Small birds as hummingbirds can pollinate some really long tubes flowers thanks to their long beaks.In other cases, the air acts as pollinator moving pollen among different plants.