• Question: should i do triple science even though im not amazing at it

    Asked by anon-354156 on 23 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Sam Mugford

      Sam Mugford answered on 23 Mar 2023:

      If you’re interested in the sciences then i think it’s a good idea to to triple science. It’s a long time since I did my GCSEs, but I did triple science and found it covered more interesting subject matter than some of my friends that did combined sciences

    • Photo: Alison Tidy

      Alison Tidy answered on 23 Mar 2023:

      I think triple science at GCSE level is also really good to give you a basic understanding about the world around you, even if you decide that you dont want to do science afterwards. If you do want to do science then yes it is pretty essential. I would also not be overly worried about your GCSE grades, after your first job they dont really matter, I would use GCSE to get a good broad depth of subjects and do those extra ones you enjoy. Then during A level you should focus on those that will help you get the job you eventually want to do (if not sure then at least one science/maths will help you get entry at University or apprenticeships), and what you enjoy learning. Wishing you all the luck!

    • Photo: Andrew Wood

      Andrew Wood answered on 24 Mar 2023:

      Triple science gives you more detail on lots of really interesting things. If you are interested in science then definitely do it, and if you are interested then you’ll do really well too!

    • Photo: Alexandra Milliken

      Alexandra Milliken answered on 28 Mar 2023:

      If it what you enjoy, then I would say go for it. If you are not amazing at it, you can ask your teachers for extra help. As Alison said, when you get to A-level or college stage no one really looks at your GCSE scores anymore (other than that you have passed english and maths). I found the GCSE revision guides the best way to practise. I was not very good at physics, but the guides and practising past papers really helped me out.