• Question: What is the most interesting thing about plants ,you have discovered?

    Asked by anon-349092 to Sharon, Laura, Sam on 13 Mar 2023. This question was also asked by anon-355823.
    • Photo: Sharon Mithoe

      Sharon Mithoe answered on 13 Mar 2023:

      Plants are sessile organisms; this means that they cannot move or run away like we can e.g. when the sun is too hot. I am found it interesting to learn how clever plants can defend themselves when they are attacked.

    • Photo: Sam Mugford

      Sam Mugford answered on 16 Mar 2023:

      Plants use sunlight to make sugars through photosynthesis. They store some of this sugar to use at night so they don’t starve. They use the sugar up during the night at just the right speed so that they use it all up and run out at dawn when the sun comes up and photosynthesis can start again. They must ‘know’ how much sugar they have, and how much time they have and calculate the speed they can use it up by dividing amount of sugar by time. I found out how plant make this calculation, using their internal clock to tell them how much time they have to use the sugar.

      I’ve found out a lot of things, but this one got lots of attention and was in the news because people find it interesting that plants can do maths.