• Question: what is your best moment in sciance

    Asked by anon-359325 on 21 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Caroline Stone

      Caroline Stone answered on 21 Mar 2023:

      My favourite thing is when I am working with someone and showing them how to do an experiment, and it works! It’s also really exciting when you are doing an experiment and your see your result and you know you are the first person in the world to be seeing this.

    • Photo: Ian Adams

      Ian Adams answered on 22 Mar 2023:

      The things that stick out in my memory are times that the science I have done helps people. Like discovering a virus that was killing farmers sweetcorn in Kenya

    • Photo: Sharon Mithoe

      Sharon Mithoe answered on 29 Mar 2023:

      Can I name more than one? Best moment was during a science meeting in the USA when unexpectedly a very famous scientist told other researchers to go and see my work in the plant field because it was very new and interesting. The other one(s) is that I enjoy teaching and I trained several students who are now independent plant researchers too- that is really nice to be able to contribute