• Question: whats your most enjoyable experiment?

    Asked by anon-357351 on 30 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Alison Tidy

      Alison Tidy answered on 30 Mar 2023:

      One of my best fun experiments was to put a barley plant into an x-ray CT scanner to see the inside of the plant (as the flower develops inside the stem). This was the first time it had been done in the world and got a lovely little paper out of it.

    • Photo: Alexandra Milliken

      Alexandra Milliken answered on 30 Mar 2023:

      I got to use a green fluorescent protein sensor to track the movement of hydrogen peroxide around a plant cell in real-time. After stressing the plants out, I could see how stress caused hydrogen peroxide production and was able to watch the molecules travel to key cellular structures (as a little green glowing blob).

    • Photo: Sam Mugford

      Sam Mugford answered on 30 Mar 2023:

      Most of my work is in the lab, but occasionally I get to spend time in the field looking for insects, counting them and sometimes collecting them. On a nice day this is a great thing to do. However I really enjoy the lab work, and some of the most routine experiments we do include designing and building bits of DNA that we use in our experiments. This is difficult work but I find it very enjoyable.