• Question: why do you like plants

    Asked by anon-359355 on 21 Mar 2023.
    • Photo: Alexandra Milliken

      Alexandra Milliken answered on 21 Mar 2023:

      I love fantasy books (especially harry potter) and a lot of elements in these magical books are based around plants (i.e. Herbology). Although these books are just fictional, the wondrous world of plants are very much real.

      They are amazing. They cannot move away from any stresses (such as heat or predators), but they have an entire system that allows them to tolerate and defend themselves under such conditions (via toxins or even disguising themselves). You can find them basically anywhere (deserts, under the sea and even at high mountain peaks).

      They can make their own food using sunlight, which in turn provide humans (and animals) with food. We use them for furniture, fuel and the majority of our medicines originated from plants. Plus they provide Oxygen, so we can breath.

      Without plants our lives would be very different and so I study them, so that we can use them more efficiently and so we can protect them.